The State of Watch Winder and Luxury Watch Collections in Dubai

Watch Winder

As we already know, Dubai is a city in the UAE with the highest rated luxury item consumption in the world. So, it is no secret anymore that luxury watches have become one of the most popular commodities amongst Dubai residents. So, how is the watch collection scene there? Is watch winder Dubai one of the most popular watch accessories? 

Dubai Luxury Good Consumption

Dubai is one of the biggest and one of the most modern cities in the United Arab Emirates. With a nominal GDP total of USD$102.67 billion in 2018, it is well known that Dubai is also one of the countries with the fastest growth in economy. With these facts, we can conclude that Dubai residents are also keen on buying some luxury items such as watches, bags, and even automatic watch winder dubai. 

Those statements are supported by research in March 2021 which shows that 31.6% of average Dubai residents would buy branded luxury fashions and goods at least once every 6 months. Furthermore, about 22.8% of them purchase luxury items at least once a month. So, we can conclude that the monthly consumption of luxury goods in Dubai is quite high. 

Dubai Watch Collection Scene

As wee can see above, luxury items consumption in Dubai is quite high. But, how about watches and watch winder in particular? It is well known that Dubai is one of the best countries where watch craftsmanship is highly appreciated. This can be seen from the biennial event in Dubai called Watch Week which will be held in Dubai starting from 24 to 28 of November 2021. In this event, visitors can look at newly released watches as well as watch winder Dubai. Some of the biggest watch auctions also took place in Dubai. 

So, based on that fact we can also conclude that watch winder is one of the most popular watch accessories to have in Dubai. This could happen due to the fact that a watch winder box is not only one of the best ways to appreciate watch craftsmanship but also the possibility to maintain the longevity of luxury watches. 

In conclusion, due to the high growth of the economy and high purchasing ability of Dubai residents, luxury items such as fashion accessories are very popular in Dubai. This popularity also affected the high level of watch appreciation and watch accessories such as watch winder Dubai. This, in turns, makes watch manufacturer industries and watch accessory manufacturers able to thrive in Dubai. 

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