Avoid Damaging Your Rolex With These Simple Tricks

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Rolex is a well known watch manufacturer that has been making watches since 1905. Well known for its intricate detail and craftsmanship, Rolex watches are known to be quite precious for any watch collectors, so they keep them in the best watch winder for Rolex. However, wearing a Rolex in your daily activity could potentially damage your watch. So, how do we avoid damaging our Rolex?

Avoid External Damage

One of the simple tricks that Rolex owners must do is to avoid any external damage to your watch. External damage could be ranging from water damage to external shock. All of which could be dangerous for the internal mechanism of your Rolex. In order to avoid those external damages, avoid using your Rolex when you’re doing some activity that potentially could cause those damages such as machine works, wood work, or any other similar activities. 

Another effort that you can do to avoid damaging your Rolex from moisture is to keep it in a Rolex watch winder case. Your beloved Rolex will be free from moisture by using the best watch winder for Rolex that has a moisture proof feature.

Give Proper Maintenance

Any automatic watch requires some sort of maintenance that should be given in a certain range of time. There are several kinds of maintenance recommended by Rolex in order to keep your watch running and ticking. For daily maintenance, It is recommended that you can clean your Rolex by wiping it with microfibre cloth. Other daily maintenance that you can perform is by winding your Rolex to make sure it keeps ticking. To do this you can either do it manually or by using the best watch winder for Rolex. In terms of yearly maintenance, it is a good idea to bring your Rolex to a nearby Rolex outlet to check your watch’s condition as well as optimizing your watch performance. 

Use a Watch Winder

As we already know, Rolex uses a perpetual movement to keep their watch ticking. This movement can be achieved when you wear your Rolex when doing different  activities. Watch winder is an alternative if you own multiple Rolex watches and don’t have the time to wear each of them every single day. By using the best watch winder for Rolex, your beloved watch will be properly lubricated due to the winder’s rotation movement. As an addition, you can avoid the painstaking process of manually resetting your date and time setting by using a Rolex watch winder case.

To sum up, keep your Rolex trouble-free by doing several things. The easiest one is to avoid external damage. The next step is to give your Rolex proper maintenance in a certain time period. Lastly, you can also use a watch winder box.

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