Tips to Setup Your Automatic Watch with Watch Winder Canada

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Using a watch winder canada can save many automatic watch owners because they do not have to wind or reset their watch manually. It will make their lives easier. Nevertheless, some people might find that using a watch winder can be confusing. The detailed tips below might be useful for them.

Begin with Manual Winding

Many people just place their automatic watch directly into the watch winder when they do not have a plan to wear it. However, you need to begin the process to set up your automatic watch in the watch winder by winding your watch manually. You need to turn its crown 20-30 times. Why do you need to do this? It is necessary not to skip this step because the watch winder will not wind your watch if it has stopped completely.

Place The Watch Carefully in the Winder

After turning the crown, you can place your watch carefully in the watch winder canada. You need to do it right by making sure that the watch is completely seated in the holder in the winder. After placing the watch correctly, you can make an adjustment to the turns per day setting to the lowest one. You should also adjust the rotation direction to bi-directional rotation mode.

Turn the Watch Winder On

You can turn your watch winder on now. It does not mean that you can forget your watch winder completely. You need to check it periodically over the next 48 hours. You need to make sure that the watch still runs accurately. Most automatic watch winders have about 40hours of power reserve from the last time it has been wound.

You can tell that the watch winder canada has the right setting if the time on your watch is still accurate after 48 hours. There is no need to do another experiment with the setting.

In Case of Wrong Time

What if you find that the watch is no longer accurate after two days? It means that you need to make another adjustment by increasing the turns per day setting. Do not forget to repeat the process above. After two days, the setting can be considered right if the time is right after another 48 hours.

If you still find the wrong time you need to set the rotation direction clockwise and repeat the process. You do not have to change the rotation direction of the watch winder canada if the time is correct after another 48 hours.

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